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5 movies that will inspire you to go hiking

By Love Hiking 2015.02.28 in Hiking

Do you need that final inspiration before planning this summers hiking adventures? Or are you in a deep life crisis and can’t afford therapy?

I have collected the absolute best hiking-movies. Movies with people who has faced their greatest fears and inner demons. Movies where the lead seeks (more or less voluntarily) consolation in the wilderness and where the particular hike will change the persons life for ever.

To sum things up; Yes, there will be struggle and there will be some hard times – we litterally speak of blood, sweat and tears. But you will see great scenic views and the remarkable rewards of hiking. 


A chronicle of one woman’s 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a turbulent time in her life – a loss, a divorce and an unhealthy addiction of temporary relationships.

Into the Wild

After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness.

127 Hours

He video-documents his journey before falling into a crevasse where he is literally stuck between a rock and a hard place, for 127 hours. When he reaches a deep state of act-or-die, he cuts off his own arm with a pocket knife.

As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me

A German soldier escapes from a Siberian labor camp as WWII ends, determined to return home to his family. After three grueling years in the bitter cold and over 8,000 miles trekking lonely terrain, the prospect of reaching freedom and his loved ones becomes much more sweet.

The Way

A father heads overseas to recover the body of his estranged son, who died while traveling the “El camino de Santiago,” and decides to take the pilgrimage across Spain by himself.

8 Tiny cabin Libraries you need to see!

By Love Hiking 2015.02.21 in Books

“I have always imagined that paradise would be a kind of library”Jorge Luis Borges

This must be paradise!

bookshelf in a tiny cabin
Photo by Alma Boheme

Finaly we have the combined bedroom and library!

Photo by Lushome

This is the perfect spot for afternoon tea!

Photo by Imgbuddy

This is the smartest room divider I have ever seen!
built-in-bookshelf you will love

Photo by Tiny House Living

Creative area for reading, writing and composing

cabin shelf library books
Photo by We Heart It

Bokshelf of your dreams – litterally

Phpto by Le Franco Ib

I can’t see the library for all the books!

Photo by The book Gloop

African inspired library

Photo by Safari Honeymoon in South Africa

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The intentions of this blog, and my relationship to nature and hiking, is best described by the words of Jay Salter:

“What it is...is a place where I can return to myself. It's enough of a scramble to get to...that the energy expended is significant, and it translates into a change in my body chemistry and my psychological chemistry and my heart chemistry...”

I want to share all of this LOVE with you!

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