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Oleg Grigoryev – Morning view from a tent

By Love Hiking 2015.04.04 in Hiking

Oleg-Grigoryev morning view from a tent

The photo is taken during a hike trough Tajikistan mountains in central asia.

I give my very best recomendations to Oleg Grigoryev’s  photo session named “Morning views from a tent”. This is a hiker who decided to photograph every single view from the tent when he woke up in the morning.

Even though the blog is in russian you need to see the stunning morning views for yourself.

I just love this. Such a great idea.

9 reasons why every hiker needs to buy a pup today

By Love Hiking 2015.03.25 in Hiking

You need to buy a pup today. Because in a few years it will have grown enough to participate on your hikes! It will be your best partner in crime.

1. Someone you can share those special moments with

Dog hiking best friend


2. Together, you’ll see the seasons on the trail, change from winter…

Winter hiking dog


3. …to spring…

hiking sumer dog spring


4. …to autumn!

hiking autumn dog


5. You will never walk alone – litteraly

never hike alone with a dog


6. The dog can carry it’s own backpack…

hiking backpack dog


7. …and has it´s owns hiking boots!

Dog with its own hiking shoes


8. This is how your future could look like



9. OK – this is the last one, just because you’ll love it!

puppy in hiking boot


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Great video: Follow two friends hiking 2 500 miles on the PCT

By Love Hiking 2015.03.19 in Hiking

As it happens: Pasific Crest Trail is a great video of two friends hiking The PCT for the entire 2 500 miles. You follow their struggle and rewards of the trail.

You don’t want to miss out on this one. It’s great inspiration for anyone who loves hiking!

7 Different Bear Selfie Posers – Which one are you?

By Love Hiking 2015.03.15 in Hiking

There is a new fenomenon spreading on instagram, with National Park visitors and hikers, taking selfies with bears. WARNING: You should not try this at home. #bearselfie

1. The Happy-go-Lucky Bear Selfie



2. The Parental Advisory Bear Selfie

bear selfies


3. The “Why so serious” Bear Selfie



4. The Safe Distance Bear Selfie



5. The OMG Bear Selfie

bear selfie wild


6. The Stay Calm Bear Selfie



7. The “It’s finally happening” Bear Selfie



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7 ways to survive the city life when you belong on the hiking trail

By Love Hiking 2015.03.06 in Hiking

1. Find your escape – meditate on your next adventure!



2. Prepare yourself for your next long distance hike by running an urban marathon…



3. … stretch your legs on your daily commute to work, your legs will thank you for this one when you hike…



4. …hit the local gym to prepare your body for the upcoming adventures…

Gym local fitness center


5. …and go ice-skating just to have that great outdoorsy feeling and the wind in your hair!



6. Bring your morning coffee outside – just because coffee always tastes better outside!

cofee outside


7. Always have your back packed – ready to hit that hiking-opportunity!



You might not just know when, or where or with whom the next adventure will take place. But be sure to hit the opportunity when it arises!

Be prepared. Always be prepared.

Love Hiking

This is a blog for you who love hiking!

The intentions of this blog, and my relationship to nature and hiking, is best described by the words of Jay Salter:

“What it is...is a place where I can return to myself. It's enough of a scramble to get to...that the energy expended is significant, and it translates into a change in my body chemistry and my psychological chemistry and my heart chemistry...”

I want to share all of this LOVE with you!

Love Hiking

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